Monday, August 15, 2011

Viral Video Hottie Lauren Francesca on Hellbenders 3D

New YORK ,New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, United States of America ( August 10, 2011 -- As viral video hottie and comedian Lauren Francesca continues to capture the hearts and testosterone of YouTube fans with her Key Of Awesome Lady Gaga spoofs as well as her own YouTube partner efforts on her IwantmyLauren channel, her film career as a horror movie victim and modern day damsel in distress continues to astound viewers with each new flick, and people eagerly await her role in HellBenders, in a 3D film .

To our luck and sure enjoyment, the two genres are starting to mix and gel for the steamy blonde NY actress, as she has begun shooting and releasing a series of webisodes that focus on the REAL and sometimes extremely scary world just off the New Jersey Shore, as her adventures begin in the town of Milford, where her car breaks down and she knocks on the nearest door for help...

Suggestions for titles have included:

Who I Almost Got Killed By on My Summer Vacation...

How to Survive Past the Opening Scene of a Horror Movie...

What Happens If You Wander Too Far Off the Main Drag of the Jersey Shore...


You can't have enough extra GPS's in the Car When Driving Through New Jersey...

For a sample episode;

Stay tuned for more.

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