Friday, August 5, 2011

Mad Men Season 1-4 DVD Boxset,Too much quality,

( August 1, 2011 -- Let me tell you I see very, very few TV shows, but that one caught me from the beginning. Just fascinating.

First you find men who are supposed to be mad but you find them not at all. But slowly you start to see the title is not wrong, they are superficially correct and plane characters. Wait only a bit, mad ambitions, mad subtleties, and the mad kind of live we all have now started perhaps those days in the 50's.

Let me tell you about Don, the main man. He's seemingly totally perfect, tall, polite, intelligent, fierce, seductive. He's got the perfect wife, perfect job, perfect house and life. It's fascinating how you can feel his deep sadness underlying every movement, both confidence, talent and a strange bitterness follows wherever he goes.

Wonderful script, nothing is absolutely, nothing ends perfectly, everything rides open and freely, you get shocking scenes, really impressive ones, as well as sentimentally hypnotizing sometimes.

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