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Part-4- Homeless Man True Rags To Riches Movie !

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America ( August 2, 2011 -- Cedric Shabazz age 44 has created and owned 8 Entertainment Companies out of the Bay Area since I was 18 years old. My Latest business Godbrothers was conceived on April-1-2003 and executed on March-4-2011, this Movie is about my trials and tribulations with Life and my Calling ! Godbrothers has 204 Logos,5,204 products-tees,hoodies,hats,skateboards,and Tennis Shoe Lines that was produced since March-4-2011. Next- Godbrothers Entertainment will be releasing 8 Movies,8 Soundtracks, 2 Books and a Internet Talk Show.

After the fall out from our investor, I moved out of one of his 3
bedroom homes, but little did I know my business partner and other
half cut a deal to continue to live in his home. I picked up all my
bags and walked from Sahara Ave to Owens St ( shelter ). My heart
stung because he was my only friend in Las Vegas, I only had enough
money to choose between renting a locker or a nightly bed.I thought
about it and I thought I could trust another so call friend who sold
his paintings under the Fremont Experiences canopy. I asked if he
could lock all my personal belongings in his van and I would pick them

up the following evening, he said yes your stuff will be safe ? I took
my Back Pack with me which was full of Jesus loves las Vegas t-shirts
and paid for a nightly bed. The next morning on my way to being a Day
Labor soldier, I went to my locker and my Back Pack was gone. My
locker was broken in to and the only thing stolen was my Jesus loves
Las Vegas shirts ? I went to work and that evening I went to pick up
my personal belongings and was told that some one broke in to his van
and stole all my personal belongings, the only thing they left me was
my work boots and bible ?

I filed a police report and fraud alert because my social security
card was stolen and I said to my -self I still have this June -10-2004
Las Vegas Mercury article coming out written by famed writer Andrew
Kiraly ! I still had one investor on board and he promised he would
have shirts for me on June 19TH-2004 at the Rancho swap meet ! June
19th came and gone with no shirts I was devastated, I stayed as a Day
Labor soldier to make a way back home ( Bay Area- Hayward- Oakland ).
June to December I saved money and went home to my family I have not

seen in six years, my Mother cried and so did I . My mothers heart was
broken ,because I looked physically ill from the stress of being
homeless, my left tooth was about to fallout . At home in December it
was raining as usual so I stayed indoors to be re-united with my
family, I prayed, meditated,and studied the word, waiting for some
kind of revelation on should I stay or go back to Sin City. On the
tenth day I told my Mother I got to finish my calling with Jesus Loves
Las Vegas, she understood but it broke her heart, I was sure she
thought i was mentally ill and delusional.

I got back to Las Vegas in January-2005 and went straight to work, on
my first day I knocked out my loose left tooth and that did it, I went
on a nine month, drinking, gambling,women binge until I hit rock
bottom and felt like selling my soul ! My Lord had different plans for
me, he sent an Angel in to my life I had known since Christmas-2003
and since Oct-7-2005 by the grace of my Lord I have not been homeless.
The last 6 years, I worked and focused on marriage by living the
holiest life possible, I knew one day my Lord would make an
opportunity to execute my calling. I did not know when it would be 10

or 20 years but Jesus Loves Las Vegas kept burning in my heart ! Then
one day March-4th-2011 it just happened unexpectedly, I signed a deal
with and now I have 200 Logos, 5,000 -Tshirts,hoodies,hats,skateboards and tennis shoe Lines available at - type in search engine my name cedricshabazz as one word
and Presto ! Also I have The Black Savior Comic Book available at and the merchandise at type in Esp Comics and
Presto ! Do you know what the biggest blessing is through all these years ? I
have all my teeth and my mother can see her son smile! Next The Jesus

Loves Las Vegas Movie and Soundtrack off Godbrothers Records and Films
-2013- ? Oh yeah ,it would be an Honor to have Jamie Foxx play me
in the Movie !

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