Sunday, August 7, 2011

Smallville : I Do Believe A Man Can Fly

( August 1, 2011 -- Weeks after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, when the world was in desperate need of heroes, I hear a cheesefest possibly a show on The WB and fell in love.

show hat was, of course, Smallville and now, after ten years and 218 episodes, it's over. During this period, I won three stages, has lived in six different cities, visited seven countries out of the closet, met with countless friends, held many jobs, and has become an uncle twice, but Amid all these changes and experiences one thing has remained constant - the adventures of a young man on a journey to become the greatest hero of Earth.

No matter what was happening in my life that could have an hour every week to entertain, excite, move, and wow, to the point where I could forget everything else. Not every episode was a masterpiece that not all shows have been award worthy, but even at its lowest, Smallville could touch a chord in me to make me smile and sometimes is all you can ask an old friend .

Final round of this week's two hours ended a record for a TV series of books sci-fi/comic / superhero based and not have come at a good show. There have been ups and downs of numerous to mention in one article, but in Episode 1, Clark Kent's journey was particularly critical of our years worth of listening.

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