Saturday, August 6, 2011

Supernatural Season: The Last Werewolf, Robopocalypse and The Ridge

( August 1, 2011 -- This summer is a versatile crop of novels featuring robots, witches, zombies, werewolves and ghosts blur the lines between fiction and genres like science fiction and fantasy, Alexandra Alter explains.

As he devours a young man living, the main character of Glen Duncan coming novel, "The werewolf last," thought of the poem by Alfred Tennyson "Mariana". "I wanted that I was dead," Jake recite silently.

Jake is a melancholy, a London-based scholar who chain-burning Camels and downs of Scotch whiskey. When the full moon, he sprouts hair and teeth and a healthy appetite for human flesh.

Mr. Duncan, a writer of 45 years who lives in south London, Jake invented by despair. Its previous seven literary novels sold poorly, and his agent said the sales outlook was gloomy the next. "It was a decision rather mercenary and practical to try to write a novel kind of right," says Duncan. What began as a page-turner supernatural was a strange hybrid: a novel of high literary concept, featuring a narrator who might be described as a Humbert Humbert with fur.

The initiative worked. The novel sold in 18 countries. Knopf bought a werewolf whole trilogy-Mr. Duncan is currently finishing a result, and plans to publish the first novel in July. Ridley Scott, director of films like "Alien" and "Blade Runner", optioned the film rights. "So far it was the smartest move I made," says Duncan.

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