Friday, July 22, 2011

Upcoming Jewish Mysticism Horror Book Goes To Hollywood

North Hollywood, California, United States of America ( July 20, 2011 --

A new horror book written by Larry McKnight and Anne LaBarbera is scheduled to be released by Library Tales Publishing on Halloween 2011. The book, titled Grausam, is expected to hit the shelves on Halloween and reach the big screen shortly after. "We began working on the screenplay on the same day that we closed the publishing deal" said Usher Morgan, Chairman and CEO of Library Tales Publishing. Mr. Morgan is also an aspiring film producer, currently working on his first three projects, including “The Thought Exchange,” a feature documentary film with David Friedman and ”Dead Wood, “a CGI Animation short. "Pre-Production for Grausam will begin this coming September in the low 6 digit budget," he said. The screenplay, the adaptation for the book, is being written by Anne LaBarbera and Usher Morgan, and a contract is being drafted with award winning director Tomax Aponte of TMX films, as they assemble the crew for a 2011 winter shoot.

This extremely scary book is scheduled to be released this coming Halloween. It features spirits and ghosts, old mumbling men, and ancient forms of Jewish Witchcraft. With plenty of surprising twists and turns, this thrilling page turner takes hold and scares you to death. This work of fiction is sure to be a big hit on the bookshelf and the silver screen. The release date for the film has not yet been announced, although it is speculated that the film will be released in the winter of 2012.

You can follow the progress of film production and the book publishing by visiting (Under Construction) or visit www.LibraryTales

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