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( July 28, 2011 --
When it comes to huge movies with expensive special effects, no country in the world can touch America. Whether or not that’s a good thing is a whole other argument but even overseas, their biggest budget productions pale in comparison to ours. That tide might slowly be turning, however, with a film like Ra One, an upcoming Indian superhero film in the mold of Iron Man, directed by Anubhav Sinha and starring Shah Rukh Khan, which is being touted as one of the biggest spectacles to ever come out of the country. Check out the first trailer for the film after the jump.

There's a whole lot of posturing going on, with the film seemingly 'influenced' by The Matrix, Iron Man and even Krrish.
What if something that is meant to be played starts playing with your life... This Diwali, G-One is the only protector." That's what the text of the trailer tells us, seemingly conforming rumours about the story of the film. The film is supposedly about a video game designer who watches a villain he create (Ra.One) exit the game and start terrorising the real world, and so is forced to enter the game himself to stop him. Again, these are just rumours -- but the line about 'something meant to be played' makes them seem pretty real.

The effects look good, but Shah Rukh Khan looks even better. Younger, fresher and more attractive than he has looked for a considerable while now, King Khan seems to be entering superhero mode bigtime with this one.

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