Sunday, July 17, 2011

TV Review: Entourage Season 7

( July 15, 2011 --
For those of us who had begun to wonder if Entourage as a series was finally completed and irrevocably fell into a model of self-satisfied old habits of focusing on trafficking of the show day-in-the-celebrity life intrinsic appeal, Season 7 has proven to be a shot in the arm, we were all hoping. It was not just burst right out of the door, like the breath of fresh air, it turned out to be.

The season stumbled on blocks with a few forgettable episodes that relied on the same old habits - the appearances of celebrities, lazily to offer the public a chance to live vicariously through his voice, a little disturbing dilemma familiar dramatic - before kick in a new speed, as if the writers of the series and the key players were determined to push the storylines forward and challenge the characters more intensely than ever. In the end we managed to end the season provides cooler and more exciting in years. It was not always fun, but what he lacked in clay is more than offset the drama exciting - something the show seriously lacked in recent seasons.

Vince served as the focal point of the season arcs important story in a way more significant than what he probably never will. His descent into drug abuse and alcohol seemed to make everyone around him in the murky waters.

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