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Film Spotlights Family Court System as Divorced from Reality

San Diego, California, United States of America ( July 27, 2011 --
The film documents a system that treats parents as guilty before proven innocent in a ‘pay before you play’ environment, feeding into the stereotype of “deadbeat” parent. Interview supported stories are clearly documented to show that within the courts there is a motive to embarrass parents into payments they don't have and then to incarcerate them for failure to pay. This mentality drives more parents away from their children than towards them and is not in anyone’s best interest.

There is no arguing that family court is home to high emotion, but is it also home to corruption, illogical proceedings and a broken system that works against the families with children, where custody is to be determined on the basis of the best interests of the children?
Filmmaker Aginelo Lobo exposes the truth about the family court system by examining the struggles and suffering that families experience when put through the difficult process of divorce, in this new full length film.

“Our goals are to screen the film for Academy Awards 2012 Oscars qualification, release it on DVD and on a new DIRECT TV channel, which will broadcast to 18 million homes” says Aginelo Films’ Director Aginelo Lobo.

Lobo continues, “If we really want to see change, we need to expose the realities on a large scale. This is not just broken in one state, this is a court system affecting millions all over the country, year after year, and the more exposure it gets the greater chance we have for change and reform.”
Divorce is big business in America. The Americans for Divorce Reform estimates that close to 50% percent of marriages end in divorce. Each year, over 1 million American children are affected by the divorce of their parents. The courts have their hands full and the need for reform is necessary.

Lobo says, "I agree that divorce is ugly business. I believe children want adequate time with both parents after a divorce or separation. It's unfair and cruel to children to send, even inadvertently, an erroneous message of abandonment when this is untrue. The majority of parents -- dads and moms -- want to be there and have a meaningful relationship and time with their children."

Lobo says it's the system that has abandoned children; not the majority of non-custodial dads.

"In a court system that routinely allows children "visits" of only 4 to 6 days per month with a loving non-custodial parent and thinks that's okay, it's clearly the system that's broken, not the parents who are struggling to remain a meaningful part of the children's lives. Too many children suffer from unnecessary, long periods of separation from parents, often fathers, after a family breakup. Society can correct this system. This film is meant to help raise awareness of the unfairness to children, families, taxpayers, and society and help point the way to a real and positive solution," said Lobo.

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About Support? System Down

This documentary reveals the shocking daily struggle and suffering of families when put through the convoluted maneuvers of the family court systems. Flooded with more cases than a labor force could handle, the imperfections and illogical expectations of the family court system is exposed in this thought provoking film. For more information on supporting the release of this film, go to

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