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Deven Bhojani to don Paro’s look for Mrs. Tendulkar

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, Republic of ( July 28, 2011 --
Deven Bhojani to don Paro’s look for Mrs. Tendulkar

Fashion bug has caught the members of Gangaram Godbole society and everyone is gearing to participate in various rounds to take part in Fashion show.Mrs. Tendulkar aka Deven Bhojani and Vibha aka Kishori Godbole are all set to sizzle the dance floor with a dance performance on Dola Re Dola. In the upcoming track Gangaram Godbole bank employees will be seen participating in a personality contest arranged by head office. It will have several rounds like talent round, fashion show, personality round and grand finale. During the talent round Deven Bhojani & Kishori Godbole will both be seen putting their best dance feet forward to match astounding performances of Aishwarya & Madhuri in Dola Re Dola song. It’s almost like an ode to them.
Deven Bhojani said that, “We were given themes and had to choose a song based on that theme. We decided to perform on Dola Re dola as it is a unique song and has great entertainment value. According to the theme the husband has to introduce his wife through a song and the competition is between all women contestant performing in the talent round. So it was important for me to focus on Vibha putting her best foot forward and going to the next round.”

He further said that, “It was extremely difficult as I had to wear Sari and while wrapping it I had around 80 safety pins all around me. In my wig too there were around 70 pins and I had to perform well and also keep my costume intact.”
Kishori Godbole commented, “It was so funny to see Deven get into the character of Paro. He perfected his dance steps to the tee. It was difficult as he was wearing a sari but, the grace with which he performed the sequence it was a treat to watch him perform. I was taken aback with the energy that he added to the performance and we surely did justice to the song.”

It was an exciting shoot for Deven Bhojani as his wife Jagrati who, is a trained dancer came to his help on and off the sets too. She specially took timeout to help him perfect his steps and even accompanied him on the sets to help him out.
Deven stated that, “My wife is a trained bharatnatyam dancer and has learnt folk dance from Sanjay Leela Bhansali.It was really very sweet of her to take time out and help me on Dola Re Dola song which coincidentally is from movie directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.”
Watch the enthralling performance of Deven & Kishori on Dola Re Dola this Friday on Mrs. Tendulkar at 9:30 p.m. only on SAB TV
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