Monday, July 18, 2011

TV Review : Dexter Season 5

( July 15, 2011 --
"Nothing is carved in stone," Dexter thought, when he knelt down to turn off his son, Harrison, one of the birthday candle. "Not even in the dark." And that peace, Dexter-most exciting fifth season ended, and a little cry. Since Season 1, we used to wrap things neatly in this Showtime series open-awful, perhaps more clearly than the self-described as "a very neat monster" deserves. But when a shocking Season 4 final, I think this shows the debt of good ol 'style evolution.

Is a huge turn to satisfy our thirst for blood? No, but we can not be blamed for being in search of one. Season 1 ended with a parade procession epic dream / Dexter's twisted mind. Season 2 ended with a trans-Atlantic murder. 3 ended with a good marriage. The fact that season 5 is actually addressed the issues and actions from last season was a very progressive step.

And now that we have seen such a spiritual power and excitement that can be pulled really tell stories continue in this series, we can not go back. We can not. Five years later, there is simply too many threads of history lingering around from previous years to ignore, and I'm just not sure the show can still offer great things, if not give some of these stories in bloom and pay as they should.

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