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Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America ( July 15, 2011 --
DEADWAITER the mystery/comedy/rom is currently casting, location scouting and more as the movie trailer gets set to film early August, 2011. To date, Tina Czarnota has self-financed her fun filled mystery series and is expecting to employ 150+ actors and crew professionals on the production of Deadwaiter. With a modest budget, Deadwaiter is receiving sponsors and backing. To support this endeavore, visit and scroll down to bottom of home page. Click button and donate $1 or more and let the mystery begin! Whodunit     Mystery     Comedy     Romance     Movies     PG-13     Character-driven     Estates

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Name: T.Czarnota

Company: Deadwaiter, the movie.

Telephone: 561-613-5530

Email: ***

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Mystery novelist, Tina, producing 2nd whodunit, Deadwaiter to feature film. Visit - Self-funding, this novelist, screenwriter, producer, director is now seeking backing, sponsorship, product placement and more as she hires 15

50+ Show When: 2011.07.15~2011.07.16
Where: London, United Kingdom
Industry: Business Services
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