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Castingnow, we tell people where there are actors wanted and open auditions

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July 15, 2011, London, Press Release: Acting is an extremely tough profession to break into. It is really difficult to know where there are actors wanted and open auditions. Many a times, aspiring actors are cheated by casting agents who promise to tell them where casting auditions are being held and where actors are wanted but they are only after their money. Now, help is at hand from Casting Now, a website which tells people where there are actors wanted and open acting auditions. Aspiring actors can now get in touch with a casting agent who is casting extras or is organising actors auditions.

Casting Now knows the entertainment business inside out. People who work for them have either worked as a casting agent, or have been involved in casting extras or done casting for other kinds of acting work.

People who offer acting work through Casting Now or advertise casting auditions are genuine people. So, aspiring actors can avoid the scams. Also, one can hear about open auditions, actors auditions and casting auditions for stage and screen, by a casting agent, film, TV, or theatre company, and can know where there are actors wanted for minor and leading roles. Casting Now can find all types of acting jobs.

Those seeking acting work can directly contact the people who are holding open auditions by paying a modest monthly membership fee. They do not have to pay any further commission or fee on any acting work that they subsequently get through casting now.

Actors looking for acting work or wanting to know where there are casting auditions and actors auditions can also post their profile on the website. Casting agents or film directors and producers holding open auditions can view their profile and if they find them appropriate for the acting role, they would directly contact the actors and would invite them for open auditions.

Casting Now helps boost the chances of aspiring actors immensely. The little help that they provide can really change things for the aspiring actors, enabling them to get on the road to success and fame.

About the company: CastingNow.co.uk is a leading casting resource for aspiring actors, as well as for directors and producers. It is run by ex acting casting casting agents and TV professionals who utilise their in-depth knowledge of the industry and contacts to help aspiring actors know about acting auditions and find acting work.

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