Monday, July 25, 2011

Supernatural "Unforgiven" Review

( July 21, 2011 --
Supernatural took a trip to the Memento of this week, giving Sat sees some of his feats without a soul in the past year.

Although viewers have already had the chance to see Sam acting as T-1000 and display a sense, the zero of the first section 11, "Unforgiven" took another step forward to reveal some of his questionable actions.

Sam without his soul is calculatingly cold heart and fun touch. His fierce eyes, quick shots, and murder are fast enough to make even uncomfortable, Samuel Campbell.

It 'was strange to see Samuel, restless, and his nephew, the following examples of the case. He has always worked reliably is about Sam, even if the order to him what to do. Why is changing the character would be understandable if I had a little 'of background information on Samuel.

Sure, I like that he is not one of the classes of a good guy or a crook, but Samuel does not seem to correspond to the activities of his appearances in other episodes. Maybe it was just getting used to his return to life, and looking at the work of Sam without the feeling was not something they could understand. Maybe we put a little 'getting used to everything.

What is the libido of Sam, of course, hit the top of the Richter scale. There's nothing soulless sex as sex.

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