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Midsomer Murders Seasons 1-13 DVD Boxset,Best English Series

( July 26, 2011 --
Somehow I feel and that is why I like this series so much, the plots are not dissimilar to Miss Marple,(Agatha Christie) although set in a different time line. The red herrings, twists and turns, etc. village and English country life.

I love the series one of my favorites. John Nettles plays an excellent county Chief Inspector, very laid back, but sharp as a needle. More what I would expect of a country policeman in reality. They don't badger probable witnesses, like the American cops do, they are polite (yet in control at all times) and don't put people on their mettle. Then if someone does get obnoxious, defensive or arrogant back, then there might be a good reason one begins to think?

Wonderful advertisement for southern England and the British CID. (Whereas the Bill has become a soapy, in my opinion, and their employment strategies for the Met seems to allow too many nut cases being selected.)

I am not sure were the series is filmed, but the countryside seems to indicate it is from Southern counties, or even the Cotswolds. Could be anywhere, but I have the feeling it is around Somerset or Hampshire.

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